Park Hours:  Saturday - Open 9am to Dusk
Sunday - Open 9am to 12pm
Park is only open on event days!
KD Hollers and Bogs
April 9

May 14

July 9
Fireworks @ Dusk

September 10

October 8
Bonfire @ Dark
1. Open Fast Track: same rules as bog class
2. Pro Stock Fast Track: same rules as bog class
3. Super Stock A&B Fast Track: same rules as bog class
4. Pro Street Fast Track: same rules as bog class
5. Constancy Class Fast Track ONLY:  Run 2 passes the one closest between the 2 times wins, you must be entered into another class to run this class.
6. Open Super Modified: Any size tire, style, NO TRACTOR TIRES, or configuration including duals, tires may be cut for performance gains, tube chassis allowed(rails). Engine
or driveline components may be relocated and All vehicles running nitrous, alcohol, or methanol must have fire suit and fire extinguisher. Rails run first
7. Youth: Will be the same rules as Super Stock class
8. Factory Stock 36" Tires and Under: Factory stock gas or diesel (no engine swaps) no aftermarket parts (no MSD ignitions) full exhaust extending past the transfer case
including mufflers, must have front and rear bumpers, no carb spacers, if truck came from factory with points it can’t be changed to electronic ignition, no chips in diesels for
factory stock, or no gutting. Aftermarket air filters are ok and allowed 2 engine modifications.
9. Women’s Pro Street: Same rules as Pro Street
10.Pro Stock: Tires DOT approved 44" or less in diameter, can be modified or cut. No ag tires, industrial tires or paddles allowed. Any suspension may be used, must retain
OEM frame style, body may be gutted, fiberglass is allowed. Driver must be shielded from the drivetrain, fuel, and cooling lines. Glass may be removed. Engine swaps are ok,
and exhaust aluminum heads and engines ok. No blowers, superchargers, or turbos allowed. Any driver running alcohol, methanol or nitrous must have a fire suit and fire
11. Super Street 36" Tires and under: Vehicle must be as came from OEM. All engines must be an OEM option 3 engine modifications allowed, lift kits allowed in OEM style and
location. Vehicle must have mufflers past the transfer case. No nitrous, superchargers, blowers or aftermarket fuel injections. tires must be Dot approved and unmodified.
Must have factory windshield must have head lights and tail lights
12. Pro Street: same as super street except you are allowed 4 engine mods and are allowed engine swaps will not count MSD box as a mod and open headers are allowed.
13. Super Stock A: Small blocks only, tires must be dot approved 40" and under. Uncut body, axle, engine swaps allowed. Must be in factory location, fiberglass bodies or
parts allowed (must be OEM dimensions). Firewall must retain in stock location may be notched for distributer and valve covers Must have OEM windshield, beds must have
full floor, open headers allowed, exhaust may exit through the hood, drive train must remain of factory style and location lift kits allowed. No blowers’ superchargers and
turbo chargers. All vehicles must retain factory appearance as if street legal.
14. Altered Pro Stock: Same rules as pro stock except if running nitrous alcohol or methanol tires may not be altered for performance gain. If running straight motor on
pump gas may run cut tires
15. Super Stock B: Big Blocks same rules as Super Stock A except small blocks can run also
16. women’s Open: run what you brung, rails run first and anyone running tractor tires will run last
17. Tractor Tires: Must have at least 2 tractor tires