KD Hollers and Bogs
Family fun and 4x4's:  Mud pits, rock trails, tough truck courses and free for all areas.
Scheduled events are held rain or shine.  Concessions on site.  $10 per person, 10 years and
under are free, flash a Military ID and the ID'd person get's 50% off admission fee! BYOB!
ATV/UTV/Dirt Bike, 2 & 4 wheel drive vehicles, dune buggies,
dirt bikes and open headers are welcome!
At KD Hollers and Bogs, your entire family will have a blast.  Our family
friendly environment is safe, secure and best of all, very muddy!
Next Event is May 14th!  Updates to KD Dirt Track Regulations and Rules
Guffey Automotive will be on site with
repair parts:  starters, alternators, belts,
etc.  Will also have high octane fuel and
welder for repairs!!  If you need
something special contact Wade Guffey
at (573)690-8476 or